All We Can Save is a 2020 collection of essays and poetry edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katherine Wilkinson, highlighting a wide range of women’s voices in the environmental movement. Most are from North America.

Excerpt from the Foreword by Bill McKibben:

“The first thing is that it doesn’t sound like one voice—it sounds like voices, like a mighty chorus. That’s really how we think about what these pages contain. This isn’t a book about heroes (even though it opens with one of ours: Eunice Newton Foote, the scientist who discovered that carbon dioxide would lead to planetary warming). We hope All We Can Save is a reflection of the diverse community showing up in and for this moment.

We don’t think feminine and feminist climate leadership is limited to any gender, but women are certainly bringing it in droves. It’s deeply collaborative, focusing on making change rather than being in charge. It insists on centering justice as necessary and right and effective. It integrates the powers of heart and head. It focuses on building community because we can’t build a better world without it. So there are no untethered techno-utopian whimsies in All We Can Save.

But there is an abundance of courage, connection, healing, nurturing, creativity — a lot of things historically sidelined to the detriment of the climate movement. But they’ve always been here, and they’re upwelling now with what we’ve come to call the feminist climate renaissance. And to carry forward the work of unfurling this renaissance, we have co-founded the All We Can Save Project, a nonprofit to support women climate leaders.”