Law in Action Series Illustrations

In the 1970s, Sally Mahe and Linda Riekes wrote the “Law in Action Series” (published by West Publishing in 1975). We had begun working with the director of a graphics firm in St Louis’ Central West End. One day the director took off without notice leaving us stranded. Mary Engelbreit, who was a college student at the time, was working there. Mary understood that we needed civics books with the liveliest illustrations ever. She said, “I can give you what you need.” Mary, who became a renowned artist and designer, provided illustrations that resonated with students and piqued their curiosity. Our efforts came together in a five book series published in 1975, with a second edition published in 1980.

Law in Action Series, by Sally Mahe and Linda Rieckes, West Publishing Company, 1975
Stepping into each other’s shoes: Discuss problems from different viewpoints
Why is making laws hard work?
Everyone is needed to help make laws
When things are not the way they are supposed to be, what choices do we have?
Beware of tempting advertisements!
Students wrote a proposal to solve their problem
Rehabilitation: Can you explain the meaning of this word by looking at the picture?
Authority and Responsibility go hand in hand (from the Law in Action Series)
Everyone can think about what is fair and just.
Let me explain why it is important to vote.